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Sparkly Penguin and Igloo Twin Pack Cat Toy

Add a dash of sparkle to your cat's playtime with the Sparkly Penguin and Igloo Twin Pack Cat Toy! Crafted from dazzling plush minky fabric, these shimmering toys are sure to catch your feline's eye, igniting their curiosity and playfulness.

The igloo toy is designed with feathers protruding from the top, simulating smoke. This clever design element does more than just add to the aesthetic appeal; it teases your cat's hunting instinct, encouraging them to pounce, chase, and engage in interactive play.

Both the penguin and igloo are generously filled with our organic catnip, a treat that will enhance your cat's excitement and keep them entertained for hours. The toys are also small enough for your cat to carry around, perfect for games of fetch or hide-and-seek.

  1. Interactive Play: The feather on the igloo and the sparkly fabric stimulate your cat's hunting instincts, promoting active play.
  2. Organic Catnip: Filled with organic catnip, these toys will keep your cat engaged and entertained.
  3. Perfect Size: Small enough for your cat to carry around, these toys are ideal for various types of play.
  4. High-Quality Material: Crafted from plush minky fabric, these toys are durable and safe for your cat.
  5. Seasonal Fun: The penguin and igloo designs are perfect for getting into the winter spirit.

Don't wait! Treat your feline to some frosty fun today with the Sparkly Penguin and Igloo Twin Pack Cat Toy. They'll love the engaging play, and you'll love watching their adorable antics.

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