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Joanne, Paul and Gracey. Triple T Studios


Fashion with a Passion®

Thank you for stopping by.  I'm Joanne McGonagle and appreciate you taking the time to learn more about Triple T Studios.  After completion of my  Global Field Master of Zoology, I founded The Tiniest Tiger's Triple T Studios.  

Our designs are inspired by cats for fellow cat lovers like you!  Some designs are subtle and some are whimsical but all are created with feline finesse. We create for you, for your cat and for your habitat! And because we love all cats big and small, we support global big cat conservation projects. 

Our mission statement: Fashion with a Passion®

Triple T Studios  is a certified Women's Business Enterprise.
Paul and I live with our three cats, Annie, Eddie and Bob.
Triple T Studios is located in and orders ship from Ohio.

Certifed WBENC Women's Business Enterprise
Our Story

Gracey, The Tiniest Tiger

Gracey, was an unplanned adoption and my first cat.  She was so tiny she fit into the palm of my hand.  I would say, "You are The Tiniest Tiger, what am I going to do with you?" She would look at me with her big green eyes and I was smitten. Gracey was the inspiration for my children's book, The Tiniest Tiger and my zoology studies.

As part of the Global Field Program we were tasked with an outreach project.  I chose to develop a product to bring attention to endangered big cats. The Tiniest Tiger Hipster was created and Triple T Studios began.

The Tiniest Tiger Hipster was included in the Academy Awards Swag Bag to the Stars. The bag with cat quilting was also chosen by the Humane Society of the United States as a gift for the presenters of the prestigious Genesis Awards.

Global Field Master of Zoology

During fieldwork in Namibia, at The Cheetah Conservation Fund, I realized I might not be a research person in the field, but could utilize my consumer packaged goods expertise to generate funds to support big cat conservation programs.

We are proud to be ongoing supporters of The Lion Guardians Project, Cheetah Conservation Fund and Panthera's Tigers Forever.  We also support Snow Leopard Trust, Mountain Lion Foundation, Scottish Wildcat Haven and other small cat projects.

Our Vanishing Species Collection was developed to bring awareness to big cats.  These statement bags and totes with their beautiful designs tell the world you care about big cats and don't want them to disappear.

Design Patented Cat Paw Protective Feet 

Our original designs take time and a great deal of thought.  We have a  design patent for our cat paw protective feet.  You will find these super cute cat paws on the bottom of select handbags and totes.

Our cat quilting on our original The Tiniest Tiger handbags is proprietary to Triple T Studios.  We hold the copyrights to most of our original designs.

We take pride in offering you unique designs and products that you won't find anywhere else.

New products and designs are always in development, so make sure you visit again to check out what's new.



Annie is a super curious cat with unlimited energy. She is always ready to lend a paw to help package and get your order on its way to you.  If you ever see  what you think might be  cat teeth marks on your package....that is Annie's seal of approval.


Eddie is our Chief of Security.   He is always on the prowl , stalking the perimeter of the premises. He is also our toy inspector.  No cat loves to play more than Eddie. He might be a little possessive of all the toys, but that is  his job and he takes it serious.


 Bob is the newest member of Team Cat.  Tired of his wild life, Bob came to our door asking to adopt us.  It didn't take long to accept, I mean look at his face! Many vet visits  later, Bob is healthy , happy and loved.  He is an excellent supervisor with a keen eye for detail!