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Rescue Plushies Elephant | Jibari

Meet Rescue Plushie Elephant, Jibari!  

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Meet Jibari!  A sweet young elephant who has a passion for conservation. He is just starting to grow his tusks, so he doesn't consider himself a baby. But he is still a very young ellie and not ready to head out into the wild. Jibari means brave in Swahili.  We think this name suits a brave rescued toddler elephant. At the nursery they are able to  to grow up,  thrive and  someday be released back into the wild. This super soft plushie will bring joy and a smile to anyone who meets him, plus provide a great way to teach kids about endangered species.


We've partnered with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to help save elephants by donating 20% of our proceeds from the sale of each elephant plushie.

I had the good fortune to visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's Nairobi Nursery during my zoology studies in Kenya.  I was able to speak with Edwin, the head keeper. Our conversation touched me deeply and I vowed to give back since my visit.


Your Rescue Plushie will arrive protected in a beautifully designed box.  Inside the box, saying hi to you is Jibari, a hug-worthy plushie. A printed illustration card with Jibari's story and a QR code where you can learn more.
Plus, you will find a mini elephant plushie key chain with a custom printed Rescue Plushie strap. You can attach your keychain to a backpack, handbag and more. This conversation starter will show your enthusiasm for elephants and remind you to talk to your friends about elephants and how to help save them.

Jibari would like to create a bond between you and the elephants who have been rescued and living at the Nairobi nursery.  Connection leads to love and a desire to save them. 

With Jibari by your side, you'll be ready to take on this new exciting adventure.


  • We use recycled cardboard in our packaging. 
  • The fill in our plushies are made from recycled water bottles.  
  • Rescue Plushies makes every effort to be free of single use plastic.

We SUPPORT big cat conservation Projects