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Small Glass Cat Vase

The small glass cat vase will look adorable in your home. Suitable for a flower bud or other small cuttings.  Maybe place colorful sea glass, beads, dried flowers or other small items into the vase.  We collect our cats'  whiskers when we find them around the house.  We can't seem to throw them away.  We began placing the whiskers into this vase.  Seeing the whiskers in the vase is heartwarming.

The small glass cat vase is made from glass so you may  see small bubbles and other small imperfections that we think lend to the charm of this vase.  No two will be exactly the same.  There is fragility to glass so should be handled with care.

The vase measures 4" wide, 3.1" high and 3.5" depth.

We SUPPORT big cat conservation Projects