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Lion Guardians Promoting Coexistence

Lion Guardians Promoting Coexistence

Lion Guardians

Since 2007, Lion Guardians has been helping people live peacefully with wildlife by increasing the benefits from conservation and reducing the associated setbacks. Each year, this amazing organization has achieved positive outcomes building tolerance and saving lions.

Lipap our Lion Guardian

Thanks to your continued support of Triple T Studios, The Tiniest Tiger community is proud to begin our fifth year as a sponsor of, Lipap Ole Sayioki, a Lion Guardian.

When I first learned of the Lion Guardians project during my zoology studies, I decided to do what I could to help support this important work. Sometimes the world feels hopeless, but as Fred Rogers' mother told him, "look for the helpers". When I feel forlorn about the future of lions, I look to the Lion Guardians and I know they are making a difference, and that we too can make a difference by helping the helpers.

Lion Guardians Annual Report 2018

Promoting Coexistence

One of the most important things gaining traction saving a species is not to forget the people whose lives are impacted by living with predators every day. The Lion Guardians understand that in order to save lions, they need to protect people and their livelihood as well

In order to save lions, tolerance must be built within the communities. Last year 7,232 head of lost livestock were recovered by the Lion Guardians avoiding close to $1 million in potential losses. Livestock corrals (bomas) suffering depredations were reinforced by Guardians by an increase of 40% and all 7 herders and children (3x less than previous years) reported lost to Guardians were returned safely to their families.

Lion guardians image annual report 2018

Conserving Lions

The the area of operation by Lion Guardian community members 0 lions were killed while an estimated 15 lions were killed in neighboring areas not under Guardian protection.

24 hunts were stopped, with about 35% of these in collaboration with Big Life Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service.

There are 230 lions being monitored, 6 lions per 100 square kilometer up 13% from 2017 and close to 6 times the number when Lion Guardians first started.

You can read more of The Lion Guardians Annual Report 2018.

Thank you for being a part of The Tiniest Tiger Community and for caring about all cats big and small.