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Maasai Bangle

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These colorful beaded bangles are fun to wear alone or wear a few or as many as you wish.  These bangles are the perfect accessory to brighten up your wardrobe!

The Maasai are known for their vibrant dress and colorful beadwork. Each color bead represents a different aspect of the Maasai culture.

  • Red: Represents bravery, strength, unity and the incredible challenges Maasai people face each day
  • Blue: Symbolizes energy and sustenance and the color of the sky which provides water for the people and their cattle
  • Green: Symbolizes nourishment and production, representing the land that provides food for the people and their livestock while also symbolizing the putting down of roots and the protection of one’s territory
  • Orange: Symbolizes warmth,  friendship, generosity and hospitality, representative of the color of a gourd which is used to share milk with guests and welcome visitors into one’s home
  • Yellow: Symbolizes fertility and growth, representing the color of the sun which helps grow the grass to feed the livestock and sustain life
  • White: Represents purity and health symbolizing the color of cow’s milk that provides sustained nourishment
  • Black: Symbolizes unity, harmony and solidarity, representing the color of the people and the daily struggles they endure each day

The bangles come in a wide variety of colors.

 We can't guarantee your exact color but if you add a note to your order which color is your favorite, we will do our best to choose that color grouping for you.

The Maasai Bangles give a little to get over your hand but not too much. Each bangle is approximately 9-11 inches in circumference. Country of Origin: Kenya

About Fair Trade

These handmade products were made by artisans in an impoverished community. Sustainable Fair Trade helps lift the artisan and their community out of poverty through the production of handcrafts. Your purchase ensures the artisan earns an income that enables the transformation out of poverty.

Triple T Studios Supports the Lion Guardians Project in Kenya.

To learn more pounce here: Heart-Warming Letter From Our Lion Guardian