The Tiniest Tiger Hipster is Sleek and Stylish from New York to Miami

May 09, 2012

We now have three bags with feline finesse quilted right into the fabric for a subtle yet cool cat appearance.    These bags don't scream Crazy Cat Lady but whisper I am a Cat Person!

The Tiniest Tiger Hipster modeled by Dorian

We designed the bags to be stylish and  adaptable just like a cat. Whether you are heading to the beach like our friend Dorian from Your Daily Cute or taking a walk through Central Park like our friend Tamar from I Have Cat, one of our bags will keep you looking sleek and stylish  while you are out and about. 
The Tiniest Tiger Hipster is the very same bag that rocked the red carpet for the 2012 Academy Awards Celebrity Swag! 

 The Tiniest Tiger Tote will be on the red carpet this September for the 2012 Emmy Awards Celebration.  Now is your chance to pounce on the same cool cat bag that will be strutting the red carpet. Sign up for our The Tiniest Tiger News to stay on top of all the Red Carpet Cat events.

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